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  Mission Statement  

The mission of South Highlands Middle School is to produce students who will be contributing members of society and critical thinkers empowered to shape their future using knowledge and skills developed in partnership with students ,faculty, the community, businesses, and the government within a safe environment.

  About The School  

School Profile

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School Profile

South Highlands Middle School is located in Union Springs, Alabama.  It is the only middle school that serves the Bullock County area.

In the 1960's Bullock County experienced a growth in its total population.  This growth brought crowded conditions in the classrooms of all the schools.  South Highlands Elementary School was built in 1961 because of the consolidation and the closing of several rural schools.  In 1971 South Highlands was designated as a junior high school for one school term.  The following school year South Highlands was renamed South Highlands Middle School and it housed grades five through eight.  During the 1992-1993 school year South Highlands Middle School was renamed once again to South Highlands Elementary School, and its grades changed to three through six.  This was because of the change of grade structure in the elementary school within the county.  At the beginning of the 2002 school year, SHES grades changed once again to grade four through six.  Two years ago at the beginning of the 2007-2008 school term the seventh grade was added back again and the name changed back to South Highlands Middle School.

The student population is served by one principal, one vice-principal, 20 classroom teachers, three personal care assistants, and three resource teachers.  The instructional staff includes a full-time counselor who provides small group and individual counseling sessions as needed by the students.  SHMS has one physical education teacher and one half-time physical education teacher who teaches lifelong fitness skills to the students.  The media specialist media-assistant (half-time) provide classes and open library times for faculty and students.  The school is served by one speech pathologist.  The school's staff also includes one secretary, two custodians, and five Child Nutrition Program workers.

South Highlands Middle School has a total enrollment of 451 students with 211 being female and 240 being male.  The school's enrollment is made up of more than 99% African-American with less that 1% being of other ethnic groups.  Average classroom contains 25 students.  The students are all residents of Bullock County.  Students who live a mile or more away from the school are bussed to the school.  According to the 2000 Census Report, Bullock County has a total population of 11,632.  The average household income of Bullock County is $23,990.  The county has 3,986 households of which 35.5% are married couples living together and 28.2% have a female household with no male figure present.  The average household size is 2.56 and the average family size is 3.13.

During the course of the school year, SHMS has implemented many in-school and after-school programs to help to enhance learning.  These programs target students' weaknesses and provide reinforcement to that area.  The teachers use a variety of educational computer software programs to supplement student learning.  Such programs are Accelerated Reader and New Century Learning program.  SHMS also uses the STAR program as a reading diagnostic program along with The Think Link program. ThinkLink, which is a scientific-based educational practice test, is administered three times a year to determine student progress in reading, language, and math skills A Supplemental Educational Services program is one of the after-school programs provided to our students.  Supplemental educational services (SES) are additional academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students.  We also have a 21st Century Learning Center that operates after-school administered by Easter Seals.

South Highlands Middle School provides other activities that provide positive reinforcement for its students.  A nutrition program is provided through the Bullock County Extension Office.  The counselor plans a Career Week annually in October to give students an awareness of vocational opportunities.  A school wide motivational program and a character education program are additional positive reinforcements provided to the students.  The school has an Honor Society to recognize the academic success of the students.  Each nine weeks these students receive incentives along with field trips, bumper stickers, and pins.  They are also recognized during the annual Honor's Day Program with trophies and certificates.  Some students are recognized as having outstanding conduct each nine weeks.  They are highlighted on a bulletin board in the main hallway of the school.  They are also rewarded with field trips, stickers, and prizes.  The media specialist rewards the students with a prize day for reading books and collecting points on the Accelerated Reader program.  The students are involved in a statewide drug free program during the last week of October.  There are several activities during this week for the children to insure they understand to say no to drugs.

Bullock County is predominately black (73.11%), with approximately 25.25% being white, 0.38 Native American, 0.02% Pacific Islander, o.18% Asian, and 2.75% Hispanic.  The Hispanic population is rapidly increasing in the county.

The community has a mix of industry and retail businesses.  The largest single employer is Wayne Farms Poultry Plant.  The religious orientation of the community varies.  It includes Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Jehovah Witness, Muslim, African Methodist Episcopal, Assembly of God, and Seventh-day Adventist.  There are other non-denominational churches within the county.

The town of Union Springs provides support for the education provided to the children of their county.  The Bullock County state representatives provide some financial support each year.  There are community facilities and services provided for use by the children.  The Bullock County Recreation Center provides sports activities and summer enrichment programs for the children of the county.  Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are available to the students.  Many of the students are involved in church activities.